Best Places to Go on a Date – The Heptanesian Approach

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Deciding which place to go can be a difficult part in dating. Sometimes, it can be frustrating for both parties to decide where to go. And when you finally agreed on it, you end up disliking it. This is why it is important to plan ahead when setting out a date. Here are some great suggestions of activities and places that can make the dating process even more romantic and enjoyable.

Certainly Not in a Movie House

“Mahen, what? You serious? The movie house is like one of the most abused places to go for a date. I want something that’s unique and something else.”

Well, my friend, watching a movie might be a very common think already. But to tell you the truth, it is still one of the most preferred places by dating couples in the world. In fact, a lot of people who are dating today watch movies every so often and they don’t get bored with it. In addition, most serious and long lasting relationships nowadays started up watching movies together. And only a few couples, if there are any, have never been into watching movies for a date.

So don’t underestimate the power of watching movies and eating popcorns. We never know how it might lead you to the next level of your relationship. It’s not boring. It’s healthy. And it’s a surefire way on how to win a girl’s heart – believe it.

A Picnic in a Park

“A picnic, Dr Mahen? Pffft! Old School!”

Yes, it is old school. But the old school thing is what makes it unique for today’s generation. In fact, old school is trending. People of today want to do things usually done in the past but are rarely done nowadays. This explains why people usually choose party themes as “retro”.

So try finding a nice park near your place and start packing up your favorite food and drinks. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a mat that’s big enough to accommodate the two of you and your food stuff. It’s old school but it’s romantic… and a surefire way to win a girl over by connecting with her emotionally.

Joy Riding

“Nah, not joy ride please. That’s too expensive.”

Yes it is expensive. That’s why couples don’t prefer this kind of date. But it’s the joy part of joy riding that matters, not the riding part. You see the point in it? If you find it financially demanding, then you can just plan it ahead and set aside some money for it. That way money won’t ever be a problem at all.

With joy riding, both of you can be wherever you want and do whatever you want. In short, it can be a package date: lunch date, dinner date, watching sunset together, star gazing at night, or watching the sun rise. It’s an all-in-one kind of date. If you still want to skimp over things, then try meditation.

All in all, with the right place for a date, you can have the best date ever. In every dating place, you will leave a footprint of your memory together and a perfectly chosen dating place is what makes the dating extra special. It is an important part in having a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.

-Dr Mahen

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