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Buy amoxicillin 500mg, The fate of Bombay’s textile mill industry, its working class, and the valuable swathes of land its mills occupy in the centre of the city, is a fin-de-siècle echo of a familiar urban theme. Claims on land and space have been the narrative thread of the most celebrated and most notorious chapters in the urban history of Bombay. These range from the legendary reclamations that linked up several marshy outposts and settlements to compose the island city in the eighteenth century, to the extension of the railways which promoted suburban development, to the land-grabbing and builders’ mafias of contemporary Mumbai. Amoxicillin for lyme disease, The historic mills of the city are industrial dinosaurs dotted around the city landscape, whose textile production has been eclipsed in efficiency and profitability by the sweatshop labour employed in powerloom towns like Bhiwandi and Malegaon. The uncompromising militancy of the great textile strike in the early eighties convinced the city millowners that dealing with unions was unnecessary when production could be maintained in powerloom units in the urban hinterland — small-scale workshops that prevent the organisation of workers, which evade protective labour legislation, and which run on black money, stolen electricity and powerful political patronage, amoxicillin 250 mg.

By the late eighties, the lands of the mill compounds became more valuable for the millowners than the cloth these mills produce, and the workers whose livelihoods they have sustained for several generations, buy amoxicillin 500mg. Thus In 1991, the fate of the mills began to be spelled out with the new Development Control (DC) Rules for the city, framed  by Sharad Pawar’s Government, permitting the sale of a portion of the mill lands, Amoxicillin antibiotic shelf life, ostensibly to channel the funds into the revival of the industry. This reinvestment never in fact occurred, the money earned from the lease and sale of the lands was instead siphoned off by the millowners, and the mills closed and their premises redeveloped into high-rises, office spaces, discotheques, sore throat amoxicillin, restaurants and bowling alleys. Parallel to this ruthless gentrification, mill workers saw their wages withheld, the gates of their mills arbitrarily shut, Amoxicillin injection, and the signing away of their rights by the sole recognised union for the textile industry, the Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh (RMMS), whose underworld patronage is well-known.

Since 1991, cases filed in the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) in New Delhi, requesting permission to sell surplus mill lands have swelled, amoxicillin weight gain. Buy amoxicillin 500mg, Management cited the "sickness" of the mills, when the real reason lay in the skyrocketing real estate values and the chance to relocate production, profiteer from land scams and tax breaks granted by the BIFR, while they closed the units, and sold the machinery and workers for scrap. At the peak of the property boom several years ago, the value of the mill lands reached somewhere around Rs 5000 crores. And though the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance which came to power in 1995 promised to halt the sale of mill lands, restart production and provide jobs, Tonsillitis amoxicillin, they proved even more enthusiastic partners to the millowners’ profiteering.

With a further revision of the DC Rules on the cards, the new Congress-NCP Government has shown a determination to solve this festering issue and expedite the sale of mill and other reserved industrial lands, 23% of the land of the island city. The mills and working-class chawls of central Mumbai, crushed between the congested business district and the expanding suburbs, amoxicillin mode of action, have in the past decade come under the combined pressure of the spiralling real estate market, the powerful lobby of builders and politicians, and the burgeoning middle-classes, starved of space. In the past decade, a battery of chattering economists, architects, society journalists and corporate promoters have advanced plans for the redevelopment of the “dead” mills into movie and design studios, five-star hotels, office spaces for multinational and corporate firms, and posh restaurants, buy amoxicillin 500mg. Yaz and amoxicillin, The casualty of these blinkered developments — satisfying the consumption of the few, not production for the many — has been Mumbai’s once-proud working-class, the mill-workers who spearheaded the trade union movement in India, and who today continue to hold out for their salaries and jobs. Historically, they have lent their strength to the calls for swadeshi and azadi, polymox, and their culture nestles in the heart of Bombay’s growth into a vibrant industrial city, stretching back to the nineteenth century. Barely twenty years ago, the working population of "Girangaon" — the "village of mills", Amoxicillin pneumonia, a web of industrial units, chawls, markets and maidans which spreads across central Bombay — numbered 2.5 lakhs.

This has now dwindled to less than 50 thousand, and the displaced numbers have not been reabsorbed into the city’s organised workforce. Buy amoxicillin 500mg, Banished into a life of casual and insecure employment, some have died of trauma or starvation, others have taken to selling vegetables or working as security guards in the gleaming skyscrapers and offices coming up in the old mills. Most notably, amoxicillin prescription, it is estimated that much of the underworld’s ranks are composed of former mill-workers and their unemployed sons. Though unrecognised unions like the non-party Girni Kamgar Sangharsh Samiti (GKSS) have made significant gains in reopening seven mills since 1989, since Independence the Bombay mill workers have been straitjacketed to the representation of the recognised union. The current president of the RMMS, Amoxicillin for sale, Sachin Aher, is the nephew of the notorious gangster-politician Arun Gawli.

In these days when the prevailing orthodoxy tells us that state intervention in economic processes is to be avoided, one should think for a moment what this surrender to "market forces" means for our social fabric and overall urban design. With the removal of restrictions on land use that accompanied the 1991 DC Rules, land-grabbing has proliferated, the nexus between corrupt civic and state authorities, builders, and gangsters increased, as has the unregulated expansion horizontally and skywards of new hutments and high-rises, buy amoxicillin 500mg.

This privatised city presents a strangely postmodern vista. Advertising agencies, amoxicillin syphilis, restaurants and bowling alleys, software companies and art galleries are sprouting in the former stronghold of working-class culture and the birthplace of India’s industrial modernity. While these new offices shelter beneath the towering mill chimneys that now jostle with skyscrapers for command of Bombay’s skyline, there is a dark irony not lost on many Mumbaikars. Amoxicillin urinary tract, Least of all to the security guard who now tends to the gates of this newly discovered elite paradise.

Originally published in the People’s Reporter, Mumbai, July 2000.

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