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Buy amoxicillin c.o.d., The attacks on Mumbai are unbelievably gruesome and at this point hard to comprehend. I am not there right now, and am writing from faraway. I was quickly able to (recursively) account for all my friends and family with a single message "are you safe?" sent to all my loved ones in Mumbai. Everyone is, Acheter en ligne amoxicillin. Thank you, all, for asking.

The nature of this attack is globally unprecedented, buy amoxicillin c.o.d.. Buy amoxicillin, This is not even like 9/11 -- it has lasted three days,11/26-11/28, and is still not over. The first news I heard on Wednesday afternoon, was of gunmen opening fire with automatic weapons and throwing grenades in Victoria Terminus at rush hour, farmacia amoxicillin baratos. This immediately reminded me The last time something like this happened was July 11 2006, or 7/11, when I was on the railway platform in rush hour at Dadar, District of Columbia DC D.C. , and the overhead electric lines suddenly popped and the station went dark. After learning of bomb blasts up the line at Matunga Road, I walked home amidsty an enormous jam of vehicles, as all the train commuters emerged onto the streets. Buy amoxicillin c.o.d., It was only when I came home that I learned what had happened. Bombs had gone off all over the line, comprar amoxicillin, killing and injuring hundreds of train commuters.

The signature of 7/11 and terrorism in Mumbai were their attacks on the city's vital arteries, its train and bus network, Pharmacy amoxicillin, where most Mumbaikars spend hours everyday together.The nature of the targets is very different from previous terrorism such as 7/11 or the bus bombs, or at least the news coverage here would have us believe. While its sister station in India, Channel 7-IBN, is leading in their coverage in Mumbai, cheapest amoxicillin online, CNN here has focussed largely on the shootout and hostage situations Taj and Oberoi hotels. The dramatic photos of the Taj Hotel dome draped in smoke and flames on today's New York Times front page has already become the signature image of the Mumbai attacks.

There are other ways in which these attacks are remarkable, and different, buy amoxicillin c.o.d.. The attackers apparently arrived by sea, Amoxicillin pedido en línea, landing in the very heart of the Indian Navy's Western Naval Command in Colaba, in the Sassoon Docks, where a busy traffic of fishing boats, country craft, and small vessels land everyday from Bombay Harbour, För amoxicillin online. There's been a lot of news recently about piracy in the Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden, where the Indian Navy allegedly sunk a pirate "mother ship" last week. In signs of the hyperbolic tendencies of Indian journalists, Oklahoma OK Okla. , there were reports yesterday of a terrorist "mother ship" detained off Gujarat, a Pakistani merchant vessel.

While images of mother ships in the high seas of the western Indian Ocean might be an exaggeration, there is no doubt that strategically, an arc of coastal states from Aden to Muscat, amoxicillin ordine on-line, Dubai and Karachi are key nodes in a region where Bombay has been the largest coastal city. Buy amoxicillin c.o.d., The Taj and Oberoi hotels are perched at the very southern tip of Mumbai's Island City. And while these hotels -- and Nariman House -- are located in one of Mumbai's most posh central business districts, at their feet and edges cling crowded colonies of fisherfolk and slum-dwellers who regularly venture out to the seas. Massachusetts MA Mass. , These attacks were a brazen assault on some of the key symbols of the financial, military and commercial architecture of Mumbai, and its role as a regional and global capital. But anyone who has walked the streets of Colaba or Cuffe Parade can tell you that this regional command and control centre has feet of clay

Here in the US, the attack has coincided with the Thanksgiving holidays, New York NY N.Y. , when many families are at home glued to their many plasmas, tubes, and flat screens. Purchase amoxicillin, The coverage here is banal at best, parachute correspondents or terrorism experts who know little about India, using the famous backdrop of the Taj Mahal hotel -- now exploding, now on fire, now duck they're shooting, acheter amoxicillin. For once I wish I could watch Rajdeep Sardesai shouting his way through the crowds, or even my buddy Sreenivasan Jain on NDTV. While I am not in Mumbai today, all Mumbaikars are part of a real-time news space that is following events as they unfold. Some of the more amazing moments so far have been the top cops shot as they let down their guard outside Metro Cinema, NSG commandos landing by chopper at Nariman House and storming their way in. Stay safe friends, and pray it is all over very soon.

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