The Heptanesian Connection:- How to Connect Emotionally With a Woman

There are a lot of men that have no problem finding an attractive woman to date, but connecting with her on an emotional level is a different story. After a while, many men discover that the woman they’re dating isn’t the one for them. This is usually because she doesn’t hold the same values or views on certain issues. Other times, it’s simply because they do not connect emotionally. It is very hard to emotionally connect with a woman after you have been dating her for a while. In order to have a meaningful, long lasting relationship with a woman you need to connect with her emotionally from the beginning. So, how do you connect emotionally with a woman?

How To Connect With A Woman Emotionally

The first step to connecting emotionally with a woman is getting to know her. Many men think that knowing where she works and how many siblings she has is enough. Unfortunately, if you want to truly connect with her, you’ll need to know more than this. Sometimes it can be awkward to have deep conversations with her, but it is necessary for building a solid foundation. The more you know about her, the more you will be able to understand her. You’ll know why she acts certain ways around certain people and why she is in a bad mood. Just as you need to know her on a deep level, she needs to know you on a deep level. It is important that you both know each other on the same level so that you will be able to connect with each other long term. :)

After you have both found out a great deal of information about each other, you need to start asking her for input. In order to connect with a woman emotionally, you need her to feel like she is equal.This article in Psychology Today magazine explains precisely why.

If you always make the decisions, she won’t feel like you are taking her into account. For example, instead of telling her which restaurant to meet you at, tell her that you had a certain restaurant in mind but wanted to make sure that she would like it.

As you’ve probably realized by now, it’s the little things that matter when it comes to connecting with a girl. While guys tend to look at the big picture, women have a tendency to over-analyze small things. Because of this, you need to make sure that you shift your attention from the big scale to the small scale. When you do this, you’re girlfriend will be happier and in turn you will be happier. It’s pointless to learn about tactics on how to seduce a woman but fail at understanding smaller things that matter.

Now that you know how to connect emotionally with a woman, you should be able to maintain more meaningful relationships. Even if you are physically attracted to a woman, it can be very hard to have a long-term relationship if you do not have a good understanding of each other. While it can be a lot of work to get to know your girlfriend on a deep level, it pays off in the end.

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-Dr Mahen

PS: In my next blog article, I will expand further on the usage of brainwave entrainment (I have previously blogged about this) in meditation and relationships. Stay put!

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